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Choosing a resort while planning a Disney vacation can be difficult because there are so many awesome resorts to choose from. On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, we stayed at Disney’s Pop Century Resort for its convenient location, decade nostalgia and affordable price. I hope this post serves to be informative and helpful in your decision-making as you prepare for your upcoming Disney vacation. Here are the details about our stay: 

Disney’s Pop Century Resort highlights 20th-century pop culture in many unique ways. From popular catch phrases on the top of the buildings to well known dance crazes and displays of larger than life icons of toys, electronics, music, movies, and fads, Disney’s Pop Century will set you back in time reminiscing on the good times way back when. (1950’s to the 1990’s).

Parking + Check in + Check out
Self-parking is complimentary. Once you arrive at the hotel and check in, you’ll get directed to your building. A rental car is convenient if you are in buildings farther away from the check in area. We actually only used the rental car for that. We ended up walking all around the resort, as everything is in close proximity to each other. It’s also fun to explore the other buildings. 

Check in: 3:00pm | Check out: 11:00am

Checking in is seamless. You can either check in online beforehand or check in when you get to the lobby. Someone will be there to assist you right away. You’ll get a review of what you’ve reserved and the run down on what’s happening at the resort during your stay. 

Across from the check in desk are shadow boxes with nostalgia galore. All kinds of things are showcased in there like records, newspaper articles, old phones, fashion trends…literally anything you can think of from an era is probably stored in a shadow box at this hotel. 

If you check in later in the day (around 6pm) you’ll get to witness some employees “do the hustle.” Don’t be shy. Join in! The kids love it! 

Also, while we were there the resort had a promotion where you could opt out of housekeeping and receive a $15 Disney gift card! So….of course we did that and went straight to the gift shop and bought our baby girl some souvenirs. 

Upon check-in, you will receive a monthly recreation calendar, along with the resort activities, more information on your Magic Bands, and a Times Guide mapping out the extra magic hours that are available for your time while at the resort. You can also pick up informative brochures on each theme park so while you’re settling in your room you can decide which one you want to go to (or all four with a park hopper pass).  

*Side note: See the windows in the rooms in the above photo? Well, the resort lets you decorate the windows of the room you’re staying in! We saw windows decorated with birthday wishes, Mickey ears, stuffed animals and more. That’s definitely a fun little activity to do with your kids while you’re there. It’s a great way to personalize your room; a great memory. 

The eras make for a great photo opportunity

Themed area for kids to watch Disney cartoons while you check in 



I’m really a big fan of the Magic Bands. They are awesome! They are your room keys, can be linked to your Disney parks tickets, fast passes, debit/credit cards (and you can securely charge anything from your hotel AND the parks to your room). 

We stayed in building 9 in the 90’s block. We were greeted by a giant cell phone, Rubix cube, and PacMan. We stayed in one of their newly renovated studios. We were very impressed by the simple and modern design of the room. We had two full beds (one was a murphy bed that is a table with 2 chairs when it’s put away), a refrigerator, coffee maker, TV, and a safe.

Other amenities included:

  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Self service laundry onsite in certain locations
  • In-room babysitting 
  • Complimentary bus transportation to and from the parks (and Disney Springs)
    • So I found out that this resort is the only one that transports you to and from the parks exclusively. All the other resorts have multiple stops, pick up people here and there. So hi, major plus here! 
  • An ATM (near the front desk)


‘Everything Pop’ Shopping & Dining

Don’t forget to check out the shopping area. You’ll find Disney merchandise of all kinds from apparel, household items, stationery, toys and so much more. Also, if you forgot something like a toothbrush, Tylenol, or feminine products, you can pick those up at the shop as well.

As for dining, the food court area (6:00am – 12:00am) serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from 7 different stations including: grab ‘n’ go items (like salads, sandwiches, baked goods), grilled fare, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, healthy choices and home-cooked cuisine. There is also a Petals Pool bar to enjoy food items while out at the Hippy Dippy pool (12:00pm – 12:00am).

If you love pizza and don’t want to make the trek to the food court, you can get it delivered to your door from 4pm-midnight. There is button on your phone for pizza delivery. Also for the parents, you can get beer and wine delivered as well 😉


Activities and Recreation

Fast Forward Arcade – Open 24 hours and located in the Classic Hall, there are a variety of games, old and new. This is great for the kids and the adults as there are nostalgic games for the older folks too! 

#PopFlashbackFriday – Every Friday at the hotel there are a variety of activities for guests. At the front desk, guests can participate in a scavenger hunt, take photos at the photo booth and do the “hustle” (like I mentioned earlier in the post). Other activities include trivia, guessing games, karaoke, bingo and more. It varies each month! 

There is a nice walking/running trail over by the 80’s section. It goes around the lake and there are facts from the 80s that keep you informed while you’re exercising.   

In the 70s section of the hotel, there is a playground for the kids. 

Movies Under the Stars – On select nights out by the Hippy Dippy pool, you’ll be able to watch screenings of classic and newer Disney movies. It’s a pretty rad setting. 



The Hippy Dippy Pool (the main pool) is located in the ‘60s section. It has flower shaped water jets and a kiddie pool for the little ones. There are two smaller pools: The Bowling Pool in the ‘50s section and the Computer Pool in the ‘90s section.

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