28 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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Well…I turned 28. I’m officially almost 30. Which means I’m getting wiser, right? 😉

Since it’s my birthday and I turned 28, I thought it’d be fun to share 28 random things you may not know about me. 

Here they go: 

  1. Israel, India, and Greece are at the top of my travel list. Jesus Christ stepped foot in Israel. How awesome would it be to step foot in the same place that Jesus did? India has an amazing culture. From the fashion to the food and dancing. It seems so lively and colorful and I want to experience all of that. I worked at a Greek restaurant for nearly 10 years, so I consider myself an expert when it comes to Greek food. I would LOVE to have some real authentic Greek food in Greece and meet some amazing people and see all the amazing architecture.
  2. When I feel overwhelmed or stressed I clean our house. The whole house. When I was pregnant, nesting was nothing new to me. This is bittersweet for my husband. 
  3. In 3rd grade, I lost a spelling bee for misspelling “camouflage” Can ANYONE spell camouflage? Let alone a freakin 3rd grader! If so, they’re lying. You’re lying. Don’t lie. Also, did I spell it right here??
  4. I was born in Denver, CO and haven’t been there since. If you count stepping foot in the Denver airport, then disregard my previous statement…but I don’t think that counts. 
  5. I like country music. Sorry.
  6. I’m obsessed with Law and Order: SVU. That’s probably why I don’t trust anyone.
  7. My first time in New York I rented a car. People thought this was weird. I needed to get around, right? #CaliforniaGirlProblems
  8. I have a scar on my right eyebrow from rolling down our stairs on a grocery store ball and running into the banister. Good idea? I thought so….still do.
  9. I randomly get urges to do new hobbies. My newest obsession: gift wrapping. Which means I need to buy more gifts. Which means I am more giving. Winning?
  10. I hate sharing food. Hate it. I ordered this. It’s good. You should’ve gotten it too. What am I going to teach our children!?!?
  11. I think cold pizza is the most disgusting thing on the planet. Pizza should be hot. Always. Period.
  12. I took a piano class in college. I got a B. I don’t know how to play the piano. AT ALL.
  13. I’ve never been stung by a bee *knocking on wood as I type this* Although sometimes I wonder what that would feel like. Is that weird? I’m scared.
  14. Scrabble is one of my favorite board games. My husband and I used to play all the time. He kills me at it. I play dumb words like “tree” and “cat.” He’s a pro and has strategies. Maybe I should read more to extend my vocabulary?
  15. My family and I are REALLY good at Family Feud. We watch it on the game show network a lot and always get all the number 1 answers. “Good answer. Good answer.” We’re a little honest at times too. I don’t know how we’d do on that show because we’d be the first ones to tell you “that was NOT a good answer” HA
  16. I have an obsession with Broadway musicals. I can’t sing or act, but I love other people that can. I sometimes wish my life was a musical. I’ve only seen 1 real musical…but at least it was in New York, so that’s valid. 
  17. I like to make up dance routines in my car while driving. That’s probably dangerous. I should stop. 
  18. I could eat popcorn EVERY DAY. I once went to the movie theater on my lunch break to get popcorn. Popcorn only. The weird thing is that they let me and didn’t think it was strange. So maybe other people have done that too!? Where my popcorn lovers at!?!?
  19. I’m a horrible cook. This needs no explanation.
  20. I absolutely hate old fliers. There is nothing worse than seeing a nicely designed, colorful flyer that totally catches your eye to only find out that the super cool event (or whatever) they are promoting was 2 weeks ago! THROW THE FLIER AWAY. PLEASE.
  21. Growing up, my favorite movie was “The Little Mermaid.” I watched it all day, everyday. Once, my parents lost our VHS tape on vacation, and they had to stop at the nearest store to get a new one. I had little mermaid bed spreads, lamps, dresses, a watch. Seriously, you name it…I had it. Obsessed.
  22. Every single text I send has an emoji. Seriously. Ask my friends!
  23. I was a NCAA Division I College Athlete. It’s true. I was a Sprinter on the Track and Field team. Two-a-days, 3 dinners, queen of the ice baths (yeah, right…I hated those things!).
  24. I often crave green smoothies. You know, some people crave cookies, cake, donuts. Me? Smoothies with kale, spinach, etc… Bring on the Kale! It’s such a quick easy way to get some greens in. Blend it with some fresh fruit and coconut milk and bravo! A yummy delicious drink. You’re welcome. 
  25. I think I want to be a detective. But I’m too scared. Like I said before, one of my favorite shows in the whole entire world is Law and Order: SVU. It’s so intriguing and I’m so fascinated by the way they come to conclusions about cases and get to the bottom of crime scenes and where to start in such complicated cases. Also, my mom watches a lot of shows on the ID Network. So I’ve slowly been getting into them too. SO CRAZY. It makes you wonder if you could do something like that. I mean I crack all the cases while watching the show…so I’m pretty much a detective anyway, so….
  26. I hate talking on the phone. Hate it. Don’t call me. Text me. Thanks 😉 
  27. I love sushi. I typically choose it whenever it’s my turn to pick our date night spot.
  28. Being a mother is the best job I’ve ever had. This also needs no explanation. Motherhood is the best hood I’ve been in and I’m ALL about it. 

Now what about you? I’d love to hear some quirky stuff about you all? Be sure to leave a comment below!


Currently – March 2017

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Reading: I have been reading Love Your Life Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze. I’m loving this book about learning how to make wise decisions with your money in a world where people are constantly comparing their lives to others. It’s encouraging to know that it’s feasible to be comfortable with your finances wherever you are because of proper planning. I also recently picked up The Magnolia Journal, because……DUH….Joanna Gaines. 

Wearing: I’m loving all things embroidery lately. I recently bought this shirt and get so many compliments on it. I’ve also been wearing this lipstick a lot lately. I love how subtle it is for everyday wear. 

Loving on Instagram: Now that our baby girl is starting to eat solid foods more often, I’ve been struggling to come up with a variety of foods for her to eat. Luckily I found this Instagram account that shares beautifully designed meals to help inspire moms, by posting new + fun meals for your littles. It’s been so helpful.

Listening to: I don’t know if you know this or not, but Spotify recently released Prince music! I created my Prince playlist and now have it on repeat. I just discovered the song “Uptown” by Prince and I can’t get enough of it. Obsessed. “UPPPPPPPTOWWWWN” 

Watching: My latest binge on Netflix is The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Remember this show!?!? It’s so addicting. I can’t remember watching it when it first came out, but I’m watching it now and it is CRAZY. It tackles the issue of teenage pregnancy and some of the struggles that come along with that while in high school. 

Using: The Travertine Spa Collection Steam Shower Spray. This stuff is gold. It’s amazing. You just spray a little bit of it at the bottom of your shower and you feel like you’re in a spa with an aromatherapy scent of eucalyptus. It’s so calming and smells UH-mazing. 

Laughing At: This video is so funny. I saw it circulating Facebook, so I watched it and couldn’t stop laughing. I also have to admit that I am definitely guilty of this! #WorkingOnMyFitness

Eating: OMG you guys. I just bought the Trader Joes “Partially Popped” popcorn. IT’S SOOO GOOD. I’m trying to stick to the serving size ONLY, but oh my goodness. I ate some for breakfast yesterday…

Looking Forward To: My birthday! This month is my birthday month. I’m going on a women’s retreat with my church, which I’m very excited about. I’m eager to get away for a few days to spend time getting to know the women in our church and see what amazing things God is up to! I’m also starting a new job at the end of the month. I’m so excited for this new venture and for a fresh new start. YAY. 



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RAW Leadership Event by Freedom Movement

I recently attended the RAW (Real Authentic Women) Leadership Event by the Freedom Movement held at ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa, CA. It was a unique event where real women in leadership roles in ministry shared their stories of the good, the bad and the straight-up messy and how victories were discovered through their persistence, obedience and overall trust and faith in God’s promises.

“Keep saying YES. YOU are important.” –Karrie Garcia

I left the event feeling encouraged, inspired, loved on and most importantly equipped to continue to share the truth that God loves his daughters in Christ, and that we are not defined by what we’ve done, or what has been done to us. We are to be his hands and feet in revealing that truth to those who feel they are too far gone to receive it.


Here  are some notes I wrote down (quickly) as the speakers shared:



“I realized that He wanted to replace ‘dull’ and ‘insignificant’ with ‘humble’ and ‘obedient‘”

  • Oftentimes we are looking for the big miraculous Godly thing in our lives but God’s plan may look a lot different than our expectations.
  • God is constantly asking, “Do you trust Me?”
  • Just as You are You are enough
  • Some are called to go to Africa or India, and others are called to other things that are advancing His Kingdom, like parenthood. We trust Him because He is the Designer and He designed us!



“Sometimes the hard thing and the right thing are the same thing”

“You will only fail if you quit”

  • Oftentimes when things get hard we run. But what were to happen if we endured?
  • Few people are really all in. Few people will truly endure the hard and persevere.
  • Isaiah 43:2 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”



“There is nothing wrong with being Original”

“No one else can tell your story like you can”

  • We live in a world, a society where being “trendy” or being the same as everyone else is the norm.
  • Being different is a gift. God uses our gift to help pour His love onto others.
  • Our experiences in life, both good and hard can and will have an impact on someone. Share your story!
  • If you’re feeling like you don’t know what your gift is, or unsure of what your purpose is, God will reveal that to you. Continue to love and support His children and it WILL be revealed to you.



“I need you. Your sisters need you. God needs you. You have a calling so keep saying YES.”

“The Holy Spirit says, “Yep. You!”

  • Women are AMAZING. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, there is a reason you are there.
  • YOU are a leader. Even if you are an Usher at Church, YOU are the first person that people see when they show up to church. You are their first smile. The people you smile at may not have been smiled to ALL WEEK.
  • The spirit of fear is trying to take us out.
  • We are always looking for the BIG and the MIRACULOUS thing. God is in the quiet, the intimate.
  • When we continually say Yes, we are agreeing to share that God loves those who think He doesn’t love them.
  • We don’t have to perform for God. We’re right in His plan right where we are, right now.
  • Our calling will not be what we thought it would look like because we have placed some high-level expectations and when our expectations get lost we think we’re not on track, that we’re not good enough, that our calling doesn’t match up to what we think as BIG callings. With those expectations, we lose focus.

Stay up to date with our sisters at Freedom Movement below:


12 Fresh Prince Of Bel Air GIFs That Perfectly Describe Those Motherhood Moments

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Netflix UK recently announced that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air has been added to their service. I LOVE that show. I mean who doesn’t?? I still know the theme song by heart! I thought it’d be fun to pull a few GIFs together that perfectly describe some of the craziness that this crazy mom life can bring.

So here it goes… 

1. When you are released from the hospital with your newborn. (Yep, that’s right. The nurses don’t come home with you!)

2.When someone mistakes your baby for a boy, when she’s clearly a girl AND wearing PINK. 

3. Baby’s first time trying solids. 

4. How you feel after a quick shower while baby naps. 

5. Trying to eat healthy when you have kids. 

6. Your internal pep talk when baby has a diaper blowout. 

7. The morning celebration after you tried everything to get baby to sleep…AND she FINALLY sleeps for the whole night. 

8. When you come up with silly dances and songs to make your baby happy even if it’s just for a second. 

9. When you have a babysitter for the evening.

10. The moment you find out you’re getting an hour or two of “me time.” (The opportunities are endless. Well….) 

11. Hormones…

12. “It takes a village to raise a baby,” and they are totally right.

Our Getaway In The Mountains || Feat. Noon Lodge at Mallard Bay

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My husband is an avid skier and I love to relax, so we both did just that and took a quick road trip to Big Bear Lake. He planned the whole thing, babysitting and all (Thank you, Nana and Poppy!). It was our first time away from our baby girl overnight. We stayed at a quaint little cabin called Noon Lodge at Mallard Bay

My husband found it after much research. Once our little studio was booked, I started following Noon Lodge on Instagram. Each photo of their property and unique interior design got me more and more excited for our stay.

When we arrived in Big Bear it was snowing. So GORGEOUS. At Noon, we met Fritz and chatted about our studio and the fact that we all had a connection to the state of Michigan. It seems like everywhere we go in California, we meet someone from Michigan.

The location of our studio was perfect. It was just about 1 mile away from the Village where we walked, explored and ate at the Big Bear Brewery Company and 572 Social Kitchen & Lounge. My husband loves trying local beers, and I love cute unique places…so these two restaurants were perfect for us.

We found a cute little place called Big Bear Local, with acai bowls, Hawaiian cuisine, and amazing organic coffee. We met Sanoe, the wife of the husband and wife team who run this cute little walk-up/drive-thru joint. Born and raised in Kauai, HI (My husband and I LOVE Kauai), her and her husband moved to Big Bear and felt the need to bring a little of the island to Big Bear. They poke bowls, acai bowls, rice bowls, shaved ice (coming soon), coffee from Groundwork Coffee and so much more.

To complete our stay in Big Bear, my husband and I did our favorite things (I mentioned in the beginning). He spent the day skiing at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, and I spent the day relaxing by getting a massage at Altitudes Massage & Spa

My favorite part of our stay at Noon Lodge was how personable our studio was. It was tucked away from town, and quiet, yet so close to everything! I can imagine how amazing the property is in the summer with the pool, bbq, and outdoor area. Obsessed. We will definitely be staying at Noon again in the future.