Tips For Your Toddlers First Trip To The Movies

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Parenthood is full of new experiences! It’s so crazy to think that most things we do without a thought are first time experiences for your children. Like seeing a movie in a theater, for example. We took our daughter (who is almost two years old) to see CoCo! (It’s such an amazing movie!). We had a great experience and so I wanted to share some tips, that worked for us, that will hopefully make your experience go as smoothly as possible as well. 


Choose to go when your child is “ready.” We decided to take our daughter to her first movie in a theater after observing how she acted during movies at home. We wanted to see how long her attention span would last and what her behavior was like when she was completely over it. You’ll know your toddler is ready based on their alertness and attentiveness. 


“Show”time it right. The showtime is important. Your toddler may have a lunch and nap schedule, make note of that when choosing showtimes for movies. We actually went to the first showing in the morning (9:05am). The theater was pretty much empty. We had a row to ourselves, and there was no one immediately below us or above us. Towards the end of the movie, when our daughter’s attention span gave up a little, she was able to walk back and forth through the aisle and even watch the movie while standing or sitting on our laps.

Another quick tip I’d recommend is to head in to the movie AFTER the previews! With a little one that already has a little attention span, a full round of movie previews that have nothing to do with the movie you’re seeing will lose your toddler’s attention immediately. 


Bring on the snacks. As always, keeping a toddler well snacked is key. We had movie theater popcorn, a banana and her sippy cup with milk. (We had just eaten breakfast before the movie, so snacks were a bit light). It’s definitely important to pack snacks that you know your toddler will eat, and eat quietly. 


Adjust, have fun and go with the flow. Just know that your toddler may or may not be able to sit through an entire movie. Things may not go exactly how you planned and that’s perfectly fine. The more relaxed you are, the more fun you’ll have. It’s all about the memories you’re making as a family! Plus, if things go crazy…it will be something to laugh about afterwards. 

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