Why I Love Mommy ‘Me’ Time at Blown Away Beauty Bar

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I recently visited Blown Away Beauty Bar in Laguna Niguel and received my first blowout EVER. Blown Away Beauty Bar is extremely courteous of your time and always wants to ensure that while you’re there, you’re being pampered, you feel relaxed and leave the salon looking and feeling empowered. I can definitely say that that’s EXACTLY how I felt while there and when I left.

One word to describe this beauty bar is Fabulous. When you walk in you’re immediately greeted by beautiful purple chandeliers on the ceilings, flowy white draping, and the sound of blow-dryers, bubbly conversations, and awesome 90s throwback jams. Well, at least that’s the playlist they were playing while I was there…and I was NOT MAD ABOUT IT

Did I mention they have complimentary champagne? So if you didn’t already feel relaxed after getting your scalp massaged and your hair washed under the “Dream” chandelier, you can also sip champagne during your visit. Now that’s my kind of mommy “me” time right there! 

My drylist, Casey, was phenomenal. She was so sweet and kind. I loved learning about her story and why she loves what she does. I think I said, “Are you freaking kidding me” about a million times when I saw how she transformed my hair. It looked AMAZING. I couldn’t believe it. On that note, all of the ladies at the salon were extremely nice, personable and outgoing. 

The beauty doesn’t stop there. Blown Away Beauty Bar not only provides stunning blowouts for all hair types and occasions, the salon can also provide special treatments, hair extensions, apply makeup, lash extensions, and even waxing services (brows, cheek, nose, chin, lip). 

But wait, there’s more! Can’t make it to the salon? Well, the salon will come to you! Known as their “In-Home Blown,” Drylists will come to your house with their supplies and some bubbly and pamper you in the comfort of your own home! 

This place is truly a dream. It’s perfect for the mama that needs a moment to sit and just be (inserts raising hand emoji here), for a bachelorette activity, an event where you need your hair and makeup done, a bridal party, Mother’s day, birthdays. These are just a few ideas. It’s truly great for any occasion. Thanks Blown Away Beauty Bar for the pampering! 

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