The Perks of Taking Your Kids to the Laguna Beach Farmers Market

We love going to our local farmer’s market on Saturday mornings! Our farmer’s market is located near City Hall downtown Laguna Beach on 521 Forest Avenue. There are booths full of fresh fruit, vegetables, grass fed meat, fish, eggs, fresh squeezed juices, breads, pastries, coffee, olive oils, honey, and flowers. The farmers market in Laguna Beach is open from 8am-noon every Saturday (rain or shine).

It’s an awesome place to meet local farmers, immerse yourself in the local Laguna community and take the kids to explore and learn about healthy eating. Our daughter loves to taste test the fruit! (we all do!) 

Today, I thought I would share some reasons why I think taking your kids to the farmers market is an important and fun family outing! 

Toddlers love food. As mamas, we know that toddlers love their food. So taking them to a place that is solely focused on food is a perfect way to fulfill that desire in them. One of our favorite things to do is sample all the fun products. At the Laguna farmers market, the vendors love for you to sample their products. This is also a great way for you and your kids to try new things! 

Kids love being involved. Toddlers love to help….so giving them an important task like holding the market bag, or picking out a few apples makes it more fun for them and keeps them engaged and interested. 

They are constantly learning. While at the market, kids are learning about healthy food and healthy eating. They are also learning about shapes, colors, tastes, textures and more! Your kids will learn where food comes from and what grows in our area. Here is a fun scavenger hunt that you can do with your kids at the farmers market: 

Exposure to nutrition at an early age. Kids will love to see how the food that you purchase from the farmers market is transformed into a meal at home. This early exposure to healthy eatings habits will instill in their minds and will hopefully spark interest to pursue healthy eating. 

Family bonding. A trip to the farmers market allows time for your little family to spend time outdoors and bond with each other over food. Make it fresh, make It fun. 


Additionally, I wanted to share some quick tips that our little family uses to ensure a successful trip to the farmers market:


Bring cash. We always take cash. We find it a lot easier to pay with cash, and that it helps us stay within budget. It seems like the vendors prefer cash too!

Bring a good, sturdy market bag. We found the perfect market bag by Apolis. It’s made of 100% recyclable jute fiber, has waterproof lining and leather handles. It can hold up to 135 pounds! You can also customize it. So it can be your own personal market bag. I made ours to say “Laguna Beach, California, USA” 

Check out all the booths/vendors before you begin to shop. There are quite a few vendors that have similar items, so its always a good idea to check them all out before you make any purchases. Something may look or taste better or the prices may be better somewhere else, so make a round, then strategize from there. 

Try before you buy. Most vendors allow you to sample their products!

Don’t be afraid to negotiate for the best prices. It doesn’t hurt to negotiate at the farmer’s market. Just simply explain what price you are wanting to pay, and the farmers will work with you. 

The best times to go are right when it opens or right before it closes. These times are when you’ll get the best deals. 

Plan ahead. We always have meals and snacks in mind so when we head to the market we are purchasing produce that we know we plan to use within the week. Any cash that we have left over is left for some goodies that we didn’t plan for like fun fruits, fresh squeezed juices to try or even some fun pastries. 

Try something new! The farmers market is a great place to try something that you may not have thought to before. We’ve tried all kinds of things, some we’ve never even heard of. Be adventurous.

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