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Balancing the demands of motherhood, a career and being a wife is no joke. I have no idea what the heck I’m doing most days, but that’s what makes life interesting. There are times, though, when I start to feel overwhelmed and I need to take time to regroup and revitalize so that I can be fully present with the people in my life. I heard that going to a sauna is a good place for that. So I tried one. 

Moms, Purify Sauna Lounge in Anaheim is the perfect place to spend some much needed time to unwind. If you’ve never been to a sauna (like me), it’s a pretty amazing experience…at least it was at Purify Sauna Lounge

Not knowing what to expect, I walked into Purify and immediately said, “Help, what do I do!?” The staff was super friendly and helped ease my worries and concerns. They did a fantastic job of explaining what a sauna is, all the health benefits, and all the amenities that I was able to enjoy during the session. 

Once I was ready to go, I was escorted to the row of sauna rooms. I thought it was really cool that you get your own personal room with an individual sized sauna that has glass walls and doors. (There is an option for a double sauna which can accommodate two people). 

*Tip* Drink LOTS of water! I drank a full 32oz Smart Water bottle and wished I had more.

Purify Sauna Lounge gives you the option to choose peppermint or eucalyptus scented cold wet towels; I chose eucalyptus. One towel is to help cool your neck down after a while in the sauna and the other is for afterwards. I actually forgot to take a towel in with me, and used both towels after the session.

Each session is 40 minutes. There is a timer in the sauna room, so you can set it whenever you are ready. I placed my timer strategically in my line of sight so that I knew where I was on time. I wasn’t trying to be in there any longer than 40 minutes, because it was HOT. Real HOT. 

The temperature is set for 150 degrees. AND as you read this just know that YES that is REALLY hot! There are TVs in each room with Direct TV, which helps pass the time and gets your mind off the heat for a few minutes. I flipped through Chopped and Family Feud…which I later realized were two very stressful shows to watch while you’re trying to relax, so I had to change them. I ended up watching Ravens Home, on the Disney Channel, for a good laugh. 

I should’ve mentioned this earlier, but the sauna that I was in is a full spectrum infrared sauna, meaning it uses light to create radiant heat. There are a variety of colors to choose from and each color contributes to the benefits that you want to receive. So if you’re wanting to feel more energized lean towards the warmer colors (red, orange, yellow) and if you’re wanting to feel more relaxed choose the cooler colors (green, blue, violet). Obviously, there are WAY MORE benefits to choosing a specific color over the other. You can read all about the colors in your sauna room. 

There is also an auto setting which rotates each color throughout the session. 

I felt so refreshed and relaxed after my session. My husband even said that I looked different afterwards. I felt amazing. I highly recommend trying out Purify Sauna Lounge if you’re in need of some quiet time to yourself. 

Where is Purify Sauna Lounge?? 

Anaheim //


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    Hi! I’m originally from Finland and there sauna is so common thing that everyone has their own sauna – no matter what type of house or building they live in. It’s really healthy and good for your skin and body – also relaxing for your mind :). So cool that you got to experience it!

    November 22, 2017 at 12:58 pm
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