Reliving The Magic Of Disney with Disney On Ice

This past weekend, we attended Disney on Ice, “Dream Big” in Long Beach, CA. Watching our baby girl in awe of the show brought back so many childhood memories. Seeing her giant smile gazing at the organized chaos through extremely talented and entertaining ice skaters was so cute I could’ve cried. Okay, I did! 

A fond memory I have growing up is going to see Disney on Ice. Seeing all my favorite characters come to life, ice skate, dance and sing made my jaw drop. Disney was (still is) my all time favorite growing up. I was completely obsessed with all things Disney. My favorite Disney movie was The Little Mermaid. I had dresses, watches, bedspreads, lamps, books, you name it. One time we were on a road trip with the family and my parents left our Little Mermaid VHS (remember those??) and, because I was completely obsessed, had to go and purchase a new tape….immediately. 

All this to say, Disney is magical. It does wonders to your soul. It does wonders to your imagination.

The show begins with Tinker Bell casting her pixie-dust to take you on a journey with notable Disney characters, including Rapunzel, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Tiana, Anna, and Elsa. Oh and Olaf makes an appearance, of course!

The show, in full, is two hours long, broken down into two acts, with a 15-minute intermission. It’s engaging & interactive with plenty of eye-catching effects like bubbles, snow, fire (yes….REAL fire) & fireworks. The ice skating was amazing. The Disney classic songs were nostalgic. The sets were beautiful and the costumes were detailed. The show truly offers something all ages will enjoy!

I highly recommend seeing Disney On Ice when it comes to a city near you. Your kids will absolutely love it, and I know YOU will too. I think I was dancing and singing more than my whole family was.

Head to their website for the show schedule and ticket info!

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