Life in California (+ A Playlist For The Soul)

In the words of my dear friend Tupac Shakur, “California knows how to party!” He was right. There is nothing like the Golden State of California. I LOVE our life in California and am so excited to be raising our family here. Here are a few other reasons why I love living on the west coast: 


Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)
There is nothing like cruising up and down the coastline while listening to your favorite tunes. All kinds of scenery pass you by, from the ocean to unique architecture. PCH connects San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco totaling nearly 840 miles of pure bliss. 


The Weather
The sun is out approximately 95% of the time. (I made that number up, but it sure feels like it!) Even in NorCal, where the temperature is slightly lower requiring you to wear a few more layers, the weather is pretty much ideal. You can’t help but love the weather in Cali. You’re almost always prone to do something outdoors, which is always a good thing! 


The Diversity
People from all over flock to California. There’s a wide range of people, languages, traditions, arts and music no matter where you are in California. Not only are the people from all different places around the world, but the food scene also reflects the diversity in Cali. You’ll find all kinds of eateries from Greek, Indian, Chinese, African, Cuban, Moroccan and WAY more. 


The Adventure
In California there is always somewhere you can go and always somewhere cool where you can end up. Drive a couple of hours up and down the coast and you’ll find endless opportunities to explore and wander. 


The Trees 
From the palm trees to the redwoods, the trees in California are BIG, TALL and AWESOME. One of my favorite places to see GIANT trees is the Sequoia National Forest


HOLYWOOOOOOOD….Hollywood Swingin. You gotta love the LA, Hollywood scene. Movies, Music, Broadway, Television…all kinds of entertainment stems from Hollywood. The celebrities are always out and about in LA, you’re bound to have a run-in with one of them. 


IN-N-OUT Burger
I meannnnn….C’mon! This is a staple in Cali. IN-N-OUT is the bomb. So good. I just found out that there are IN-N-OUTs in other states too? What!? Rude! 


It’s The Subject of Many Songs 
California Love (2Pac), California Girls (Katy Perry), California Dreamin (The Mamas and the Papas), California Soul (Marvin Gaye + Tammi Terrell) to name a few… 

‘California Soul’ Sweater | Layering Tank | Jeans | Booties 

Now that I’ve shared some reasons why I love living in California, here are some of my favorite jams that just speak to my soul (that are also great on that drive along the coast): 

p e o p l e  g e t  u p  a n d  d r i v e  y o u r  f u n k y  s o u l  | James Brown 
i t ‘ s  l o v e | Jill Scott 
g e t  d o w n  o n  i t | Kool & The Gang 
a p p l e t r e e | Erykah Badu 
c o m e  d o w n | Anderson .Paak 
a s | Stevie Wonder
t u r n i n’  m e  u p  | BJ The Chicago Kid 
o n  a n d  o n  | Erykah Badu 
g e t a w a y  | Earth, Wind & Fire 
l a d y | D’Angelo 
t h i n g s  a r e  c h a n g i n g | Gary Clark Jr. 
t h e  t h r i l l  i s  g o n e | B.B. King 
d a n c e  t o n i g h t | Lucy Pearl 
a  l o n g  w a l k | Jill Scott
s u p e r f l y | Curtis Mayfield 
n e v e r  t o o  m u c h | Luther Vandross 
l o v e l y  d a y | Bill Withers 
i n n e r  c i t y  b l u e s (m a k e  m e  w a n n a  h o l l e r) | Marvin Gaye 

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