Brave Love Women’s Retreat

On March 24-26, the majority of the women at our church traveled to Murrieta Springs, CA for a women’s retreat. We had the opportunity to stay at the Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center. Many of us left behind our children, our husbands, our families, and all other responsibilities for a weekend away, eager to be in community with other women and spend some much needed time with Jesus. 

Here is a little recap of our amazing weekend. 

Day One 

The women I was assigned to carpool with, all met early afternoon on the 24th (my birthday), piled in the car and set off. We stopped to get a quick lunch at Taco Asylum at The Camp, then we finally hit the road, spending most of the drive getting to know each other and our stories.

We made sure to stop and see the super bloom. Oh my, were they AMAZING. SO. MANY. FLOWERS. 

We arrived at the Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center where we were given our keys and directed to our home for the next two nights.

After settling in our rooms and meeting our new roomies, it was time for dinner. The amazing staff at the Dining Hall (which we later found out were ALL students at the bible college and volunteering ALL weekend) prepared an amazing dinner for us. 

After dinner, it was time for session one where we were prepped with what we would be expecting this weekend, an awesome worship set, and had guest speakers talk to us about Brave Love and Circuit Riders and prepared us for a great weekend ahead.

My favorite quotes of the night were: 

“The world does not need more ministry, the world needs more motherhood” 

“God can, God does, and God will” 

Next is was “free time activities”…which meant sleep for this tired Mama, while others enjoyed quiet time at the coffee shop, a dip in the jacuzzi or even a lounge in the hot springs. 

Day Two

Day two got off to an early start with an optional morning devotional. We were given a sheet of paper with some verses to read and a few things to think about and reflect on and spend Jesus anywhere on the property. I took mine to the coffee shop, The Over Flowing Cup. It was nice to have a warm latte and spend some time with Jesus. 

Next up was another amazing meal at the dining hall, this time for breakfast. (The Zucchini Apple Muffins were SO GOOD, I could’ve eaten 10). After breakfast was our second session where we sang in worship then looked at Judges 4 & 5, the story of Deborah. It’s always nice to read about women in the bible and how much of an impact they had at that moment in time. I definitely learned a lot. 

Then it was time to split off with many free time activities to do. Some of us headed to Holy Yoga, some of us worshiped through movement (dance), some attended a session on how to “take back your thoughts and others worshiped through music and art.” I co-led the dance workshop and it was such a pleasure seeing the women of our church release fear, doubt, and comparisons to just be in the presence of the Lord and dance their hearts out. SO GOOD. 

Next up was our last dinner together and some more worship and another session. This time we split up into small groups, read excerpts from the Circuit Rider “Brave Love” book, then discussed, as a group, on topics of brave love, easily affected hearts, and the idea of “go” and “see” and how it affects compassion. It was a very powerful night filled with chatting, laughter and even tears. 

Day Three

On day three we got an early start and headed to breakfast after packing up our belongings and preparing for our leave. Many of the women headed into the last session of the trip, while others headed out for the road to get back to our families. We had such a fantastic time at Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center and the team there was so incredible. 

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