The Funniest Fresh Prince Of Bel Air GIFs To Describe LOL Motherhood Moments

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Netflix UK recently announced that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is now streaming. I LOVE that show. I mean who doesn’t?? I still know the theme song by heart! While I go bask in my 90s nostalgia, here are some of the funniest Fresh Prince of Bel Air gifs that perfectly describe some of the craziness that this crazy mom life can bring: 


1. When you are released from the hospital with your newborn. (Yep, that’s right. The nurses don’t come home with you!)



2.When someone mistakes your baby for a boy, when she’s clearly a girl AND wearing PINK. 



3. Your baby’s first time trying solids. 



4. How you feel after a long awaited shower. 



5. Trying to eat healthy while on maternity leave. 



6. Your internal pep talk when preparing to change a diaper blowout. 



7. The morning celebration after you tried everything to get baby to sleep…AND she FINALLY falls asleep….for the WHOLE night. 



8. Creating silly dances and songs to make your baby happy even if it’s just for a second. 



9. Babysitter + Date Night = 



10. The moment you find out you’re getting an hour or two of “me time.” (The opportunities are endless. Well….) 



11. Hormones…



12. “It takes a village to raise a baby,” and they are totally right.

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