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Some of you may not know this, but I am completely obsessed with Broadway musicals. I love the singing, the acting, the dancing, everything really. When Hamilton debuted on Broadway, I listened to the entire soundtrack everyday on Spotify for months straight. When I heard the news that the show was coming to Los Angeles, I knew I had to find a way to go! 

Well, my husband and I recently budgeted and budgeted and put away money for 1 ticket to see Hamilton: An American Musical at The Pantages Theatre, and so…I went! That’s right! I went, alone, me, myself, and I. Here is what I thought about the show.

The Pantages Theatre in stunning. This was my first time ever stepping foot in the Pantages Theatre. I attended a Saturday matinee show and the theatre was packed. From the looks of it, every seat is a good seat. I arrived about an hour early for the show and explored the venue, enjoyed a drink, used the restroom, scanned the merchandise and took pictures (of course). An employee told me to look up at the ceiling when they open the doors of the theatre because the ceiling is the most beautiful part. She was right. The ceiling is so gorgeous!! 

The cast in unbelievably talented. To be honest, because I had listened to the original Broadway cast version of each song almost every single day, I definitely had to adjust to hearing all of the songs sung by other people. I was so used to Lin Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr. I quickly got over it, as the cast in Los Angeles was phenomenal. They sang each song in their own unique style and it worked. However, I really really really needed to hear the Daveed Diggs’ version of “Guns & Ships,” from the original Broadway cast. I think Diggs is the only person that can pull that rap off. My two favorite characters were definitely King George and Thomas Jefferson. They both had me laughing the entire time! 

I cried happy and sad tears. The show had me on a roller coaster of emotions from the beginning to end. It’s a fun and exciting show, but there are parts that are pretty emotional. I cried in the following scenes: “Alexander Hamilton,” “Helpless,” “Wait for It,” “Dear Theodosia,” “Burn,” and “It’s Quiet Uptown.” You guys….BAWLING like a baby. SO GOOD. I really felt the emotions of the characters. 

The Choreography is cool. The choreography in Hamilton is fantastic. It’s very impressive. It makes you want to get up, dance, and even get on stage with the dancers and join in (maybe the last one is just me…). The musical numbers that I thought had the best/powerful/most exciting choreography were: “Alexander Hamilton,” “My Shot,” “Room Where it Happens,” “Yorktown,” and “Non-Stop.” The majority of the dancing in the show is hip-hop dancing, but i spotted choreography inspired by ballet, jazz, tap, and even break dancing!

The musical numbers as a whole are fantastic. My favorite musical numbers from the entire show were definitely “Wait for It”, “Dear Theodosia,” “Room Where it Happens,” and “Yorktown.” Oh my goodness….my mouth was completely open during these. The music, the singing, the dancing, the staging….I just CAN’T even handle. “Wait For It” is probably my favorite song of the whole show! I knew that was going to be amazing already, but seeing it come to life was just the icing on the cake. That’s also how I felt about “Room Where it Happens.” I mean, that was just UNREAL. “Dear Theodosia” was beautiful. Both Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton brought a single chair on stage, sang, and then sat in the chair next to each other and continued on as a duet with each other….it was just breathtaking. “Yorktown” was SO RAD. That’s really all that I have to say about that one.

Hamilton is AMAZING. Overall, I was absolutely blown away by the show. It was so cool to see all the songs that I knew and envisioned my own perception of what I thought was happening on stage during each moment, actually being displayed before my very eyes. The show actually runs in the same order as the soundtrack, so it was fun knowing what was coming next. The show made history “cool” and “interesting.” It made me actually care about our history and it was easy to understand what was going on and the time frame in which it was all going on. 

But The Best of All…

I think the best thing about Hamilton is that the show brings people of all races, ages, and interests together. I saw that as I looked around the Pantages Theatre on Saturday. I saw kids, teens, young adults, older adults and grandparents clapping, laughing, singing and enjoying the show. It was incredible! I was so proud of the show for that reason. It truly impacts a variety of people. In a world that is so divided right now, it was nice to see that Hamilton: An American Musical could unite such a diverse crowd….at least for 2 hours and 45 minutes!


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