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Ain’t no party like a Disney Vacation Club party cause a Disney Vacation Club party don’t stop! On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 our friends invited us as their special guests to attend the Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic event at Disneyland.

The official event didn’t start until 9pm, so we kindly asked Nana and Poppy to watch our little girl for us. It started at 9pm and ended at 1am. We lasted until about 12:45am, which is pretty impressive for us since we had been up since 6AM. 

We began by lining up 2.5 hours before the party. Guests using only the Moonlight Magic admission (our group) were allowed to enter Disneyland at 7:00pm and stay in the park for the official party start at 9:00pm, while everyone cleared out. 

I was so excited because I hadn’t seen all the Holiday decor at Disneyland yet. It was pure magic and to see it all lit up for the evening was even more beautiful. Also, Top 40 hits were blasting through the speakers throughout the park! So naturally I danced up and down Main Street… 

Since we were in the parks a little early, we started by riding some attractions. First up was Space Mountain, and then we headed to the Jungle Cruise and then It’s a Small World. 

All I can say about “It’s a Small World” Holiday is WOW. I don’t know how Disney does it but they completely transformed the ride into a Winter Wonderland and it is fantastic. The music medley with the traditional “It’s a Small World” song along with familiar Holiday tunes is very catchy…until you get stuck on the ride…

We ended up getting stuck on the ride, and that is NOT a ride you want to get stuck on. The track played over, and over, and over, and over. I asked my husband how long we sat there as more and more boats piled up behind us…and he said 10 minutes.

BUT it sure felt like FOREVER

RIGHT before the park closed we caught the “Believe in Holiday Magic” firework show! It’s amazing and has Disney stuff, Holiday stuff and it snows. So it’s pretty much something you MUST see this season. 

Disney characters also joined in on the late night fun. I spotted Tiana (while my husband rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and scouted out a viewing spot for Fantasmic), Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio and Geppetto, Chip and Dale, Daisy, and Jesse from Toy Story. 

Throughout the night we strategically stood in line for popcorn and non-alcoholic bottled beverages that were included with the event. Also available were complimentary churros and Mickey shaped ice cream treats. Immediately when the party began, those lines were the longest; the food lines. 

We hadn’t seen the Fantasmic show since it came back so that was one thing we were looking forward to. We ended up standing on the Pirates of the Caribbean bridge to get the best view. Our view was FANTASMIC! <<< See what I did there!? Is there such thing as “Mom Jokes”?? #DadJoke 

Have you heard of the new Pixar movie CoCo that is coming to theaters on November 22? Well, the Fantasmic pre-show was from Coco. It was a barge that had music, dancing, Dia de los Muertos inspired decor, and a man live narrating a quick synopsis of the movie and what we can expect when we go see it. 

Fantasmic is back Ya’ll and it’s BETTER than ever! it’s definitely a MUST. The show is so rad! They set the water on fire….Spoiler alert. Sorry! BUT it’s so freakin cool. 

My favorite part of the show….(actually I think my favorite part of any show) is when they highlight Pirates of the Caribbean! It’s so OVER THE TOP…and spectacular. 

Disney Vacation Club sure knows how to party! They also have amazing resorts all over the country! We aren’t members (yet), but we did have lunch at the Disney Hilton Head Island Resort a while back and just LOVED every inch of the place. 

Disney recently announced its “Disney After Dark” series of events that kick start in mid January. If it’s anything like the Moonlight Magic event, then we’re all in for some REAL fun! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the Disney Parks Blog on the Disney After Dark events! 

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