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CHILL At The Queen Mary Introduces America’s First Ice Adventure Park

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Well, well, well, SoCal families. Since it looks like we’re not going to experience a true cold winter (do we ever??), we can, however, experience something somewhat similar thanks to The Queen Mary’s CHILL event which is back for another season of icy family fun! This year, attendees will experience America’s first Ice Adventure Park, and holiday traditions from around the world. Let me tell you, it’s overwhelmingly awesome (and COLD). 

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11 Reasons You Absolutely Need to Take Your Kids to Great Wolf Lodge SoCal

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Photo Credit: Great Wolf Lodge 

I keep hearing about all of these interesting places all over Southern California, and think to myself, “Do I live under a rock!?” How have I not heard of these?? One place, in particular, is Great Wolf Lodge; an indoor water park resort. Everything at the resort was built and designed with families in mind. We were invited as a family to check it out for a day and loved it. Here are 11 reasons why we’re definitely coming back to Great Wolf Lodge (and bringing a large crew with us).  Read more…