About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany Charnley, a self-proclaimed “Cool Hip Mom.”

Cool•Hip•Mom {n.}: A mom who stays true to who she is in her new role as a mother. Who thrives in the midst of chaos because the joy of the Lord is her strength. She’s strong, independent and selfless. A woman who doesn’t allow her “mom” title stop her from dreaming, inspiring and living.

I am a new mom to an energetic, happy little girl named Blake. I’m married to a wonderful man named Kent. He’s white. We’re interracial. Our daughter is mixed. Our life is nothing but adventures, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. We currently live in Laguna Beach, in a 600 sq ft deluxe apartment in the sky (just kidding), but it IS across from the beach.



When you enter into the world of Motherhood, you instantly get this sense of empowerment. You instantly become this super woman who can somehow function (barely) on little to no sleep (am I right, #teamnosleep!?!?), you enter into (what I like to call) “mom-mode.” This sense of risk taking led me to start this blog. I’ve always loved to write, but when it comes to writing about personal things like my family, my thoughts, etc…it’s all new to me, and somewhat scary.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

-Maya Angelou

Lately, I’ve been learning a lot by listening to stories from others. I’m learning from their experiences, their mistakes, their successes, their advice. I wanted to share the same with you. I write about my experiences as a new mom, our adventures living in a small space with a baby, Disney, my hometown and more. I’m hoping that after you read my blog you feel encouraged, empowered, confident, inspired, reassured, comforted, daring & challenged in your role as a mother. Join me on this journey through Motherhood! Let’s laugh together, cry together, drink wine together and encourage each other to be cool hip moms.


xoxo Brittany


October 9, 2016