The Best Wooden Toy Brands Your Baby + Toddler Will Love

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Did you know that a lot of toys that children play with today are made with harmful chemicals? Luckily, we can choose to make better decisions for our own health, for the health of our families and for good ole’ Mother Earth. 

Here are some of our favorite wooden toy brands that are trustworthy and focus on making products for children that are ethically made, inspire their imagination and teach them a variety of skills: 

Bannor Toys
All handcrafted in the US, Bannor Toys are made with organic wood, paint and finish. Their main philosophy is to create toys that allow for open-ended and educational play. No manual needed for these toys, as they inspire a creative imagination for babies and toddlers. We especially love their wooden blocks.


Fact and Fiction Toys
Simple, clean lines and safe for kids, Fact and Fiction Toys help bring imagination and creativity to the everyday lives of children. Their quality wooden toys are durable and safe and last a lot longer than plastic toys that wear and tear easily. Our baby girl loves their wooden keys.


Known as one of the largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials, Hape toys are eco-friendly and safe. What I love most about Hape is that they have a wide variety of toys for each developmental stage your child is in and the toys for that stage help enhance your child’s skills. They’re learning social, sensory, physical and emotional skills. Some of our favorite Hape toys are the Happy Noisemaker and the Walk-A-Long Snail


Plan Toys
Plan Toys is committed to encouraging Sustainable Play. According to Play Toys, “Sustainable Play is the foundation of how our toys cultivate creative minds and bring children closer to nature.” Baby girl loves to call me on her first cell phone,  loves to cook soup with this kitchen set and plays concerts with her solid drum

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